Have you ever seen promotional graphics like this on Facebook or Pinterest?

Now, I love Thieves and Lavender, but maybe I don’t know what Rutavala does or how I would use Fennel. In fact, perhaps I don’t understand what this promotional image means at all. Sometimes underneath an image like this, you may see something like:

100 PV: Retail Value: $15.46 – 5-ml Lavender Vitality

Hmm… What does that mean? Does that mean I have to spend $100 to get a bottle of Lavender? That seems a bit steep! But what’s the $15.46 for? Do I spend that and then I get 100 PV? What’s a PV?

Understanding bonuses can save you big bucks

If you’ve been confused, keep reading because I’ll explain how the monthly promotions work and how they can help you avoid spending more money than you need to.

I’m going to try my best to explain how the Young Living monthly promotional deals work, how they’re comparable with situations that you probably already deal with. Plus I’ll explain how you can combine monthly promotions with Essential Rewards for some big savings.

It took me almost three months to understand what PV meant, and I honestly only grasped the monthly promotions a few weeks ago. I want to save you the trouble that I went through.

Young Living monthly promotions in a nutshell

Here’s how it works: Each month Young Living promotes certain bonus products that you’ll receive if you order a minimum of a certain Personal Volume, or PV.

What’s PV?

PV stands for Personal Volume, the total amount you personally order from Young Living each month. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Some products cost more and thus have a higher PV. For example, a bottle of NingXia Red will likely have a higher PV than a 5-ml bottle of Peppermint.
  • PV doesn’t necessarily translate to the retail price. For example, a 5 ml bottle of Lavender Vitality may sell for $15.46 retail, but it’s PV is only 11.5. However, Essential Rewards members would pay $11.50 which equals the PV. More on Essential Rewards later.
  • Some products cost money, but don’t add to your PV. For example, we’ve purchased some promotional booklets to distribute at our 101 classes, and while they cost us money, they didn’t add to our PV.
  • Each month, your PV resets to zero, so if you order a lot of products one month, you can’t carryover that PV into the next month.

What bonuses do I get per month?

It depends. For example, for July, if you order over 100 PV, you’ll get a 5-ml bottle of Lavender Vitality, which is valued at $15.46. So it’s like getting a 11-15% value back for a $100 purchase*.

However, the more PV you spend, the bigger the percentage of value back. For July, here’s how it looks

  • 100 PV: $15.46 in bonus items = up to 15% in bonus items
  • 190 PV: $82.57 in bonus items = up to 43% in bonus items
  • 250 PV: $129.61 in bonus items = up to 51% in bonus items
  • 300 PV: $195.07 in bonus items = up to 65% in bonus items

See what’s happening here? The more PV you order, the more of a bonus you receive. And it’s not like for 100 PV you get one bonus item, but for 300 PV you get three of the same bonus item. Instead you get more expensive products, perhaps ones you’ve wanted to try but weren’t sure about purchasing because of the price.

*If you’re an Essential Rewards member, you save 24% so you wouldn’t be paying retail price, so the value back would be more like the PV of the bonus item, not the retail price. For example, you’d only pay $11.50 for the 5 ml Lavender Vitality, so your value back would only be 11%.

What’s the difference between Essential Rewards and monthly promotions?

Okay, this is what tripped me up for so long and why I want to make a comparison that’s easy to understand. Who here like’s going to local coffee shops?

The Coffee Shop Analogy

At some of my favorite local coffee houses, they’ve got two things going on:

  • Manager’s Special: where some discount is offered for a limited time
  • Punch Card: where I get a discount on a product after purchasing a certain number of product.

You’ve probably seen Manager’s Specials that look like this:

  • Buy one drink, get another drink at a discounted price
  • Get a free flavor with any drink
  • Half-off day-old pastries

With Manager Specials, you see an immediate discount with your purchase. Punch Cards are slightly different in that you don’t get a discount until after you’ve purchased a number of items, such as after nine drinks you get the 10th for free.

So Young Living’s monthly promotions are like the coffee shop’s manager specials, whereas Essential Rewards are like the punch cards of Young Living… sort of. Here’s are some differences:

  • Essential Rewards members earn 25% of the PV toward other products. Think of it like this: For every four PV you purchase as an ER member, you one punch.
  • However, as I mentioned earlier, the PV doesn’t always match the retail or ER price, so if you bought something like promotional materials with no PV, you wouldn’t get any punches.
  • But, unlike many punch cards at coffee shops, you’re able to start using your points immediately toward different products. At most coffee chops I visit, if I buy 9 drip coffees, I’ll get one free drip coffee. But with the ER program, I can buy cheaper products and save up my points for a more expensive product. Imagine buying drip coffee and using your punches toward a mocha!

Questions about Essential Rewards?

Now if you’re convinced that Essential Rewards is a great deal (which we think it is), you can jump in and become a member today.

However if you want more information, please can watch our Essential Oils 101 class or join us on Facebook live for Tuesday tips. Also, please leave any questions so we can better serve you.