For the next two months we will be either hosting or attending never-ending parties and get togethers. We want our house beautifully decorated, clean and smelling amazing, right? In order to accomplish that, we will be filling our home with any number of toxins and taxing our all ready stressed out bodies. But what if there was another way? A way in which we can have a clean and wonderful smelling home with out our home being over run with toxins. Well I have some ideas that will help you get through this season with a home filled with amazing sent that will not only wow your guests but boost your immune system and distress you too.

Lets talk about smell first because it’s way better to think about then the cleaning, am I right? First off ditch all your candles and fake smell products! I love my diffuser it is a great way to make the whole house smell like what ever I want, as I write this I have Thieves, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom in. It smells so good, plus it’s boosting my immune system at the same time. There are other ways you can use your oils to bring a scent into your home with out using harmful toxins. You can make a spray with some distilled water, favorite oil and spray bottle. You can use this to spray the linens in your guest bedroom or bathroom. The possibilities are endless, and making labels is easy and inexpensive so that you can make a linen spray or room spray as a hostess gift. Another way is to use car diffusers to place in the air vents. They work amazing and if you use lavender or Stress Away in your guest room you will create a relaxing spay like experience for your guests. I know candles are fun and smell great but they unfortunately are full of all kinds of harmful toxins. Instead, consider getting some flameless candles and use a diffuser for scent.

I have put off talking about cleaning long enough, so let’s get to it shall we. I hate cleaning, but crave a clean environment. I think I need to get the oil Motivation before this season really starts maybe it would help me get through all that needs to be done for the next two months. What do you think? Do you have an oil that helps motivate you? I have to say though since I have started using the Thieves Household Cleaner my life has gotten lot easier. I love having one cleaner for all my house cleaning needs plus I feel comfortable giving it to my kids to use to hep with the house work. There are so many benefits to switching to non-toxic cleaning in your home. Thinking about your dishes, your cloths, your floors. All of these thing make direct contact with our bodies and some multiple times. I know there is only so much we can do, we life in a world were we can’t get away from toxins, but we can lessen them. Young Living carries everything you need to ditch and switch all you cleaning stuff. If you are just starting out I highly recommend our Thieves Household Cleaner — it can clean every surface of your home, plus it smells amazing. To freshen up my carpets and furniture, I like to take baking powder, Purification and what ever other scent I’m in the mood for and sprinkle on let it sit for a while, then vacuum it up. works amazing and you can use it in your garbage cans and food disposal as well. When I wash my clothes I like to add some lemon or lavender to the dryer to add freshness to our cloths. There are so many ways we use our oils in our home especially during this season.