So you mustered up the courage and the cash to invest in essential oils. Perhaps you’ve budgeted enough money to buy a full-blown Premium Starter Kit. Now what?

Enter Make and Take classes

Make and Take classes are fun ways to learn how to use or make things using your essential oils on hand. They break down like this:

  1. You make something using essential oils.
  2. You take the something you made home.

What we’ve made and taken home so far

So far we’ve had two official Make and Take classes where we’ve:

  • Created citronella candles using Young Living’s Citronella essential oil
  • Create relaxing bath salts using Young Living’s Lavender and Frankincense

We’re planning to have one per month with a theme based on the time of year, which you can RSVP for on our Facebook page once their posted.

How we got into making and taking

These Make and Classes are somewhat an extension of what we’ve been doing for gifts for the last several years. Elizabeth has been making creams, bath salts, lotions, chocolate truffles and an assortment of other gifts using her oils that we’ve given to friends and family. I’ve focused more on designing the labels and snacking on the truffles.

We have a huge extended family, so to try to buy $10-$20 gifts for everyone has become too expensive. That’s one reason why we’ve transitioned toward sending more meaningful (and cost-effective) gift baskets. If that’s an issue you’re running into, Make and Take ideas might help you with creating your own gift baskets.

What to expect at a Make and Take

Here’s what to expect if you come to one of our Make and Take classes:

  • Casual atmosphere, as you would expect when coming over for a get-together
  • A brief intro story about how we got started with using essential oils, in particular why we went with the Young Living brand
  • Then we start making something fun
  • Then you get to take it home

What would you like to Make and Take?

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve got more ideas for Make and Take classes, such as how to make chocolate truffles with Peppermint and Orange.

Since we’ve got kids in school, our year somewhat starts in September, so we’re still figuring out ideas for future Make and Takes. If there’s something you’d be interest in learning about, please let us know via Facebook or via the comments below.