Dairy & Cane Sugar Free Hot chocolate

I’ve used this hot chocolate recipe for at least five years, but I’ve never gone beyond the basic except to add coconut whip cream or marshmallows. I love this recipe because it doesn’t use cane sugar — it only uses three ingredients unless you make it fancy and it tastes yummy. I sometime just make […]

My DIY Face Serum

My goal is to age as gracefully as I can without the use of chemicals on my skin. And one of the ways  I hope to do that is to use my essential oils to make my own skin care products so that as I age I know my skin is being well nourished with out any […]

Dry Skin Cream

My oldest daughter has struggled with eczema since she was five. It has been a battle to control it and we only just made progress when after testing, we discovered that her eczema was connected to her food allergies. Eczema can also be connected to your environment and the soap you use to wash your […]